Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ode to Kid Icarus

This Is Kid Icarus.
Say hello.

Hes lazy.

Hes a happy laughing LOLcat.

He has a mustache.
Which he wears proudly.

And he loves his XBox360.
Never try and take that control away, or he will claw you to death.

The story as I knew it went like this...
We walked home from after school one day to find a little gray and white cat outside that we had never seen. "Aww, how cute." And we proceed to go inside. The moment we open the door to our apartment, The cat decides that he owns the place and rushes past us and up the stairs.
We weren't mad, just a little surprised. We had been wanting a kitten. We were even talking about how great it would be to have one just that morning. And here comes one from outa no where and marches right in our house. We didn't question it much and took it in good luck.
We were so excited but didn't have any cat things (Litter, box, food) so we improvised.
We found a box that had come with some cup soups and emptied it out to make him a bed. We found an second box and some paper and shredded it like we would for a hamster or whatever to make box shavings. I didn't really think he would use that to go to the bathroom in, but ehh. It was worth a try.
I got some old toy and stuffed platypus I had found that week at school and gave it to him, he attacked it instantly. We were getting him all settee in and it was getting late. We had gone and bought him a few canned cat food and after he ate we realized that the window was open. Kid Icarus climbed out on to the roof where there was big piles of leaves and dirt and things and he chose that as him "potty spot" which was nice for us.
I even made him a name tag out of some string and duck tape and wrote his name on it. It sure was hard though to get it on him, he was a wild crazy cat...

He had only been around for about a week and a half before he disappeared out the window.
I was so sad and worried. Then, the next night I looked out the window and saw him! My boyfriend went downstairs to get him while I waited and watched from the window.

Before he got down and outside a neighbor lady came out and picked him up and started calling him names.
Lady-"Get back inside you piece of crap cat. What are you doing!"
My boyfriend-"Oh, there he is! Thats our cat."
Lady-"No. He is my son's cat. He went missing a few weeks ago and the neighbors said that they had seen him on the roof. So, you had him??"
My boyfriend-"Oh. Well, he wondered in to our apartment about a weeks ago and we didn't know he belonged to anyone."
Lady-"Well hes our cat."
My boyfriend-"Oh. Well, I'm sorry."
And the lady walks back inside and slams the door.

I had been listening the whole time through the window upstairs and was so mad...
My boyfriend comes back up and sits with me. And there goes Kid Icarus...
After that, we would often see him outside and running around, but the lady would always come out, yell at the cat, pick it up and throw him back inside and shut the door.

I miss him.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Next Post

Well, I didn't post anything yesterday.
Mostly because I fear that I don't have enough photos to keep this blog alive if I post every day.
Il run out before the first month posting 5 photos a day.
That is because these are my selected photos that I think are good and want to display, and there are many that I think are not good enough to be posted up.
Il give you a few examples today I think.
Photos that I would not normally post because I think they shouldn't show their faces.

I don't think they are bad photos, just not blog worth. But I needed to post something- so now they Are Blog Worthy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The sun and its Sunsets and sunrises.
They are magnificent if you ask me.
And just playing with the sun and my camera.

Don't you think that the sun makes some great photographs?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today, there are trees.

Trees are so peaceful and calming.
When I need to relax, I just go hang out with some trees in a quiet place.
If I don't get my weekly-or-so-dose of nature relaxation, I can't handle daily life.
Nature... Why so perfect in what it does?
It's perfectly designed to grow and thrive on its own with no help from humans, and if we let it, it would consume the world I believe.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Today's post will be about Flowers.
So many flowers, colors and types.
Heres a few iv'e seen around.

You'l almost always find beautiful flowers down any given street. I can usually tell what flowers I'd like to take a picture of when I spot them. It's a bit harder to find trees that make good photos, angles and things to figure out when you try and situate the camera and position for a photo of a tree. A flower is easier for me to find the angle that looks the best.
Anyway, I wish I could learn to grow plants. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, house plants. I'm not that great I guess, the past few plants iv'e had died because I had no idea what I was doing. Poor innocent plant. I had a Venus fly trap and couldn't figure out if I should remove the cover that came on the looking back I think I should have just used common sense, it's called a fly trap. It needs to eat flies and if it can't eat then how is it going to live? That was years ago...
Well, I think iv'e lost track of what I was trying to say.
I'l go now, I think trees will be tomorrow's topic.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today, I think I will mention how awesome clouds are.
I believe that they often "make the picture."

I really like clouds. You know when you were a little kid, and you would lay on the grass, looking up at the clouds? Trying to make out shapes and animals in the clouds? I love doing that. But now when I do it, I use my camera. I take the photo home and upload it to my computer and look at it until I can make out something. Then I draw it. The first cloud I drew looked to me like a polar bear with a turtle shell, with fish swimming around. Do you see it? Look back up and see if out of my pictures you can find the polar bear.

Don't you wish that you could do that now days? Just lay out on the lawn, or at a park in the sun and stare at the clouds? Trying to find shapes and things? Well, why don't you do it? Don't have the time? Does it feel childish? Well, get over it, make some time and go enjoy it. I will.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hmm. What photos should I post today? I have alot of the cats iv'e had met and seen.
Okay, i'l start there.

I will introduce you to Sasha.

Sasha is a beautiful cat. I can not say that we owned Sasha. Sasha owned us and came when Sasha wanted to. I can only imagine where Sasha is now. If maybe Sasha watches our old house or has decided to go make more Baby Sasha kittens somewhere. Good Luck to where ever you are, Sasha.

Friday, February 18, 2011


These are my train Photos.

I try to take pictures of good graffiti, or good examples of graffiti.
I have more trains, but not as good photos and some wouldn't upload correctly.
Is there any good train graffiti where you are?
I don't think it is a bad thing. It is a type of art and expression. Tagging i think is dumb thing to do.
This is the difference to me between tagging and graffiti.
Tagging- Scribbling or spray painting your name or nickname onto a piece of property to call it yours, as though you own it. Gangs do it to say that this is their property or area.
Graffiti- Creating art that is expressing and representing of something to you. You are not doing it to call ownership, you are doing it to show off your work and sometimes to see reaction to it.