Friday, April 29, 2011

Wallpapers Abstract

Lets get some more abstract.

I am not too sure if I have already posted these. IO don't think I have, but if I have I will go back and change these to new backgrounds.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Bunch of Wallpapers

Okay, I am not sure what kind you all like best, so I shall create a poll.
Until I get the results, I will post a little bit of everything yous your enjoyment!

Like I said, It's just a mix of what I have.
If you can think of any kind of wallpapers you like, leave ir in the comments and I can make a blog post specifically on those.

Vote In the Poll!
Thanks guys.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wallpapers Animal Style

More Wallpapers today!
Animal time.
Here goes.

Happy Easter, By The Way!

Quite a few birds in this post.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wallpapers SciFi

Thanks for your support everyone.
Time for some Wallpapers since Ive been away a while.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Asking For a Little Help..? Please

Hey there. Followers and Friends.
See, I have a little problem... Maybe someone out there can give me some relief?
I know that this may be a little long, but if you know anything about headaches or migraines, please read this. Please.

I get headaches. Pretty bad Headaches.
     I have gotten average headaches since I was a kid. They never bothered me much, you know, most people get headaches once and a while. About 4years ago. I started getting more frequent headaches.
I was in high school and often I didn't eat school lunch. Id eat when I got home so I didn't mind. But when I started getting headaches my mom got worried and said that I needed to eat at school. I did from then on. My headaches stopped somewhat. Then a few months later, I was getting painful headaches. Headaches that hurt bad enough that I needed to stop what ever I was doing and put my head down. I would take medicine (Advil, Tylenol, what ever we had) and it would stop the pain.
Soon my pains were even more frequent. I was getting a headache almost every week. I wear contacts instead of glasses, so we went to see if that was it. I got an updated prescription and I could see fine. Still, my headaches pained me. I would go days without my glasses or contacts to see if It would make things better. Sometimes, it seemed to help. But really, my vision had  nothing to do with it.

*****  Let me jump to this past year. This year, my headaches had been picking up more.
See, by now I had seen doctors and taken medicine after medicine. Still, my headaches continued. I even had a reaction to one of the medicines my doctor prescribed. My headaches now happen almost on a daily basis. It is rare to go a full day without a headache. The pain in my head doesn't happen in a specific place. The pain happens on the left, then the right, in the back or front or center. It happens at any given time and Now, Even medicine has no effect on the pain.
     I often take Ibuprofen and I even take one more than it suggests on the back, still, my headaches don't change. The pain often lasts about 5minutes, then goes away quickly, then comes back.
But sometimes the pain can come and pain me for hours strait with little relief. Taking medicine may have an effect, but to my own knowledge, my headaches vary too much to be noticeable.

Things that seem to set it off?
Noise and change in elevation.
I once went to see my doctor about how sometimes, when I use to sit down or stand up quickly, or even slowly sometimes, I lose my vision and I become very dizzy. I see black and have to hold myself to stay standing. She told me that was normal and that she even gets that.
But now, when that happens, it triggers my headaches.

They say it I don't have migraines because I don't have enough of the symptoms.
Light does not effect it, and Iv'e tried Migraine medicines and they don't help.

     I went to try and see a neurologist. They denied me.
We tried again, and we were finally able to get a Scan. I forget the name.. It is similar to a CAT Scan. It was like, CT scan or something. They stuck me in a Big scary white spinning machine and had me lay down as it shot radiation into my head. The woman even said, "Okay. Now you lay here and we will go outside where it is safe to prevent from radiation exposure." Then left the room and stuck me in the machine.
They found nothing.
Just a little abnormal dent shape in one side of my brain, but that doesn't seem to mean anything.
We left. No news.

     We went back eventually on a day that we had an appointment to meet with the neurologist finally. Finally, we were going to be able to explain to someone what has been happening and maybe they can help me.
Right before we go in, the receptionist person calls us up and says I have no health insurance.
Apparently, because of a situation, My health insurance had ran out that day.
That means if I want to see the Neurologist, it could cost us thousands of dollars. Just a few hundred to talk to them.
Just the luck of it.

I write this today because I woke up with a headache as I often do.
I am afraid that they are getting worse. It pains me so bad I can't even lay down to make it go away. Cold towels don't help. Medicine is useless.
What do I do?

I am very scared, what if I am going to have an Aneurysm any day now?
Thanks to America's Health care system, I can't even prevent myself from possibly dying. Thanks. Thanks alot, America. Gah. I want to be living in England.

Please. What do you know?
Can you help me?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Dream (No. Not all of my dreams are filled with Kittens.)

Well, I had a dream, and then I forgot it. Well, most of it.

What I do remember is being with E and they were texting quite a lot on their cell phone.
Smiling Cat. The first day we got her.
Next thing, I am in a house that is warm with bright colors. The carpet I think was a warm orange-tan color and to my left was an entrance into the part of the room that had a closet attached. I looked down on the floor and saw all of this cardboard, little boxes, scraps, tubes. Just a scattered pile of it all coming out from the closet. I realize that is where my can had her kittens and I finally get to see them.

(She really did just have Kittens, but I unfortunately have not gotten to see them yet. They are all Grey I hear.)
This is her now.

So I start looking carefully through the cardboard to find the new born kittens which must be only a few days old, with Eyes still shut.
Soon I see a rustling coming from a box and out pops a tiny little fuzz ball kitten. Literally, the kitten was a round fluffy ball with little paws. Then more started coming out from the closet and I was becoming more and more surprised.

You see, As the little kittens were coming out from the cardboard, one by one showing their heads, I realized they weren't Grey.

The first one was GREEN. Then the second was Orange, and not the orange cats normally are. Neon Orange. The third was Neon Pink. Then Blue. And Red. Just a lot of crazily colored Kittens.

They looked kind of like a mix between Figure #1 and Figure #2. Just with a lot brighter colors.

Figure #1

Figure #2

This is the cat that did it. The Bastard. (Male Cat)

Anyway, I think I kind of freaked out and E told me that they were like that because I colored them or something. Like I had gone and spray painted them or something. I didn't really understand but it made sense in the dream so I think that is where it ended.

And for those wondering, No. Not All of my dreams are filled with kittens. I think my mind has just been on the topic since I knew My cat was going to be having Kittens any day now. And I am not even there to see her.
Oh well, Il let you know when I remember an other dream.