Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Dream (No. Not all of my dreams are filled with Kittens.)

Well, I had a dream, and then I forgot it. Well, most of it.

What I do remember is being with E and they were texting quite a lot on their cell phone.
Smiling Cat. The first day we got her.
Next thing, I am in a house that is warm with bright colors. The carpet I think was a warm orange-tan color and to my left was an entrance into the part of the room that had a closet attached. I looked down on the floor and saw all of this cardboard, little boxes, scraps, tubes. Just a scattered pile of it all coming out from the closet. I realize that is where my can had her kittens and I finally get to see them.

(She really did just have Kittens, but I unfortunately have not gotten to see them yet. They are all Grey I hear.)
This is her now.

So I start looking carefully through the cardboard to find the new born kittens which must be only a few days old, with Eyes still shut.
Soon I see a rustling coming from a box and out pops a tiny little fuzz ball kitten. Literally, the kitten was a round fluffy ball with little paws. Then more started coming out from the closet and I was becoming more and more surprised.

You see, As the little kittens were coming out from the cardboard, one by one showing their heads, I realized they weren't Grey.

The first one was GREEN. Then the second was Orange, and not the orange cats normally are. Neon Orange. The third was Neon Pink. Then Blue. And Red. Just a lot of crazily colored Kittens.

They looked kind of like a mix between Figure #1 and Figure #2. Just with a lot brighter colors.

Figure #1

Figure #2

This is the cat that did it. The Bastard. (Male Cat)

Anyway, I think I kind of freaked out and E told me that they were like that because I colored them or something. Like I had gone and spray painted them or something. I didn't really understand but it made sense in the dream so I think that is where it ended.

And for those wondering, No. Not All of my dreams are filled with kittens. I think my mind has just been on the topic since I knew My cat was going to be having Kittens any day now. And I am not even there to see her.
Oh well, Il let you know when I remember an other dream.

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Kiso said...

i love kittehs