Saturday, June 4, 2011

Headaches Again..

For anyone who has read my last post talking about headaches, this is an update to it.

To recap my last post about it,
Basicaly I have been living with odd headaches and pains for about 5 years now. They seem to be different from anyother headaches anyone would normally have, and these have been over time changing and increasing with frequency.
Now i have a headache, if not a full blown headache at least a head pain or slight continuous throbing, once every day about.

Recently, the pains have changed even more than they had before. Now, Sometimes I will get a shocking pain that is conected to a spot in my jaw. The pain feels like a headache, but it is in the side of my jaw.
I am not sure I can even call it a headache since it is not directly in my head, but is still acting like a headache. I don't have teeth problems or any toothache ot jaw pain outside of this.
Just half an hour ago I got yet another new form of headache pain that I have never felt before. That is actually the reason I am writing this now.
I could tell that I was going to have a headache coming on any minute, I sat there waiting for it and doing what I could to relax so that the pain wouldn't be too intense. Next thing I feel is a sort of brain freeze. In the right side of my head, right above the temple near the eye, I felt a surprising burning sensation. It had the feel of a headache while not being a headache. It burned and felt like what happens when you dring a slushie or slurpie too fast. A brain freeze, sharp burning pain in one part of the head.
The only way I can describe it is "Brain freeze" like. And like I said, I have never felt anything like it before, other then the times I had an ice cream involved.
And incase you are wondering, I didnt have an ice cream, or anything cooling or frozen at all around and I hadn't eaten anything cold.
It was a headache of sorts.
It only lasted about 2 minutes before it faded into a soft pounding pain, and left quietly.

I almost always have a kind of soft pain or pounding in my head at all hours of day and night. I have it so often that I usually don't notice it is really there unless I think about it. But it does effect me even thoguh I forget it is there.
When I have my headaches, I don't want to do anything, It puts me in a bad mood and don't realize I am upset until afterward. So as you may guess I feel pretty bad all of the time.
But when I am having a BAD headache, ohh boy. Then you know it is bad.
My head throbs so hard it feels like my head is shaking or waving back and forth, I can feel the blood flowing. My face gets hot and I get dizzy. Usually I can barely stand to walk out of the room to get away. The only thing I can do is wait it out. Even if I try to sleep it off, I can't go to sleep easily.
Medicine has not noticable effect what-so-ever on my pain, since the pains can come and go as they please. They can last anywhere from a few seconds of pain to days of constant aching with little to no releif.

So, what can I do?
Living in America, You must pay for any medicine of vist you make to any doctor. And to see a specific doctor, such as in my case a Neurologist, that could eaily cost hundreds of dollars. And like many people, I am currently without medical aid or health care.

I am unsure at the moment how to end this post...
So I guess All I can do is yet again ask my Followers/Readers,
Do you have any ideas or sugestions for me?
Some sort of new headache or pain cure?

Thanks everyone. I wish you all the best, and that none of you have to deal with any sort of unbearable pain or illness.


Foreign Pharmacies said...

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D4 said...

Considering it's a type of headache that not many people experience, I'm not sure I have many great ideas... I don't know if I suggested a naturopath? Here at least, they're significantly less expensive per visit than a "regular" doctor, (we pay $33 per visit) they focus more on little changes to the diet and tea, resorting to herbal methods that do the same things that more expensive medicines will do too, just uphill.

Some of them will also suggest certain pills that are sometimes expensive, you won't know until you try though. Me and my family go to one and as alternative and unknown as the remedies sound, we've yet to be disappointed.