Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Idea

Hey everyone, I have been thinking.
This is a good blog and all, but I was thinking of adding to it.
See, I have poems, Computer wallpapers and Dreams (The kind you get when you fall asleep)
And I often think that they would make my blog more interesting.
So, this blog would become kind of my personal blog.
My photographs. Poetry. Dreams. And maybe artwork.

But I don't want to just take things from everyone else out there, I mean that there are entire blogs dedicated to wallpapers and poetry and all.

But I guess that really doesn't matter since it isn't like id be stealing in any way from their work or followers.
We can all get along, can't we?

Any way, I just posted this to ask what my followers what they think, Do you think it would make my blog more interesting?
Let me know.


Motivationalized said...

Sure, go for it, that's the point of blogging isn't it? Do what your heart desires!

anoodle said...

Yes! Post your dreams!

ankmanpro said...

Haha sweet! Followed!