Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Earthquakes, Tsunami and Nuke

Have you been following this?
I don't even have cable or T.v. channels at the moment and I keep track.
Poor Japan. Okay, so on March 11th 2011 Japan was hit by a 8 point something Earthquake (That Is BIG) and then just a bit after, because of that same Earthquake, it caused one of the larges Tsunamis since... I don't know when. Japan was Then hit by another earthquake later that day, and now are faced with the problem of a possible Nuclear Reactor Meltdown.
Nuclear!? So, now they've got radioactivity to worry about!

And guess what guys? Japan is the most prepared country on the planet to handle these things.
Earthquakes and Tsunamis are their neighbors. They come knocking once and a while, drunk as usual to come wreck up the place. So Japan knows how these things go, but man, these are some F'ed Up neighbors.

First Earthquake comes over and breaks a window or two, asking of Japan has a slip and slide that they can barrow. "No Earthquake, we don't have a Slip and Slide. Go away." Then Tsunami comes through the back door and barges in to jump on the couch with his muddy shoes. Japan Asks Tsunami "What the Fuck do you think your doing? The the hell out of here!" But Tsunami sees that Earthquake is here, "Hey there buddy!! Hows the Wife? She tell you that me and her are going back to my place later?" They start a fight in the house and end up rolling on the floor and smashing the flat screen, and then light crashes and a fire starts up. Japan is busy trying to get out of the way but then Earthquake's Wife comes in and gets involved. "Im leaving you! Me and Tsunami are moving in together, and Im taking our son with me!"
Japan is at the phone to call the police, but Earthquakes Wife comes in and snatches the phone away and calls her friend to come and drive her to the mall. So Nuke comes to pick up Earthquake's Wife and they both leave. Earthquake and Tsunami are laying on the floor passed out and broken beer bottles smashed around them.

Anyway, Imagine if this had happened anywhere else in the world. The death numbers and evacuation numbers are big enough already, but in any other place?

"KORIYAMA, Japan -- Japan's nuclear crisis intensified Sunday as authorities raced to combat the threat of multiple reactor meltdowns and more than 180,000 people evacuated the quake- and tsunami-savaged northeastern coast where fears spread over possible radioactive contamination."

If you ask me, I honestly think that God is trying to kill off Japan before they get too smart. They know something that we don't and The Higher Power doesn't like it.

Best of luck to Japan. Be safe, I send my best of thoughts.

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John A.S. said...

Best of luck to Japan!