Saturday, March 5, 2011

Strange Dream

Well, this is my first post about a dream, a dream that I had last night. It isn't one that stood out or really took me by surprise, but it's the first dream I can remember in the past few nights.

So, let me see what I remember...

I was going to school, some high school somewhere and it was the end of the day and I had stayed late to help out with some sort of even. Some snobby girls were at a booth blocking the exit so I had  to go around them and I know that we said something but I don't know what. The girls said something rude though.
My dream then jumped to me being on a bus that was taking me home but I saw a friend I guess that needed my help, so I stopped the bus and jumped out to go see the friend. It was really crowded with cars and kids in every direction. My friend ended up getting in a car and driving off. I started walking to get onto a sidewalk and thought "Okay, what next?"
I realized that I needed to get on the bus to get home, the bus was still behind me and was going to be passing me once it got through the traffic. I ran up to try and get the buses attention by waving my arms and yelling. The bus left me. I knew that id have to walk home.
My dream jumped again back to just after I had left school and the snobby girls, just outside. It was getting dark fast and I knew that I needed to walk fast, it would take me at least an hour to get home. The place looked and felt empty, quiet and desolate. I wondered which way would be the fastest home, when I saw some kid. He was standing and staring at a fence on the corner of the street, he was talking to the fence and saying, "I can't see through it! I can't!"
And so I came up to him and told him that I'm going that way, and to wait for me.
It doesn't make sense, but it did in the dream.
Next thing I know, I'm walking alone and it is getting darker. I find some sort of play ground and I am climbing up it, like the kids play set and going up, up, up, until I think to myself "that is the right way home, I'm 5 stories up now." And then some random guy pops up and starts talking to me, "Hey! I'm a skater!" and I hear a skate board rolling down bellow on the ground, but he isn't the one doing it because he had climed up to catch me. I needed to get to the tenth story. The guy keeps climbing after me, and he is too fast. I tell yell at him to stop, just go, leave me alone! I'm afraid of what he will do if he catches me, so I make it to the top floor and find more stairs that lead up, and to the side I see some play equipment bar things, one that spirals down to the ground and one that is blue and curves away from the stairway. I choose the blue one that leads away, I grab some bars and swing myself across until I get to the bar that I can put my feet onto. I then Ride, or surf pretty much, down the long blue bar. It is getting even darker now. I jump off and try to run off, but my legs feel stiff and hard to move. Eventually I start running and make it to some grassy area and make a phone call on my cell phone to my dad. I call him and tell him I need to be picked up, I missed the bus and to please hurry. I look at the street signs to tell him where I am, the signs say "Grant" and something else that I can't remember anymore. I can't hear him, but I know that we had a conversation of some kind.
Again, Some random person comes and starts following me, they are scary looking and just creepy. I keep moving and start running again. I make another call to someone, they pick up but they won't really listen. I tell them that I am being followed and don't know where I am. As I say that, other people around me turn to watch me. The person on the phone is just rambling on and on about what they are doing and I am getting frustrated and explain again.
"I need to be picked up. People are following me, and I'm scared. Please."
I think after that I hang up and keep looking back over my shoulder to to watch for the guy following me. Now they have a friend with them and they are both following me. I start running, but avoiding any suspicious looks. I make it to another park with sand and lots of little kids and parents. I run up and get down low, maybe they will keep walking past the park.
So, I sit in the sand and wait next to a group of little kids playing in the sand. I see the guys searching the park for me. They talk and then split up.
For some reason I notice that I'm wearing a red shirt. Usually I don't know what I look like or am wearing. I try and tug on some girl's shirt to ask her for help. No response. I tug her again and still nothing. I try again and again saying "Excuse me" but I give up when she still doesn't respond, just goes and plays with the children in the sand.
That's when I guess I realize that she was some kind of Midget, autistic deaf and mute woman....
Really... That's what I dreamed..
Then I turn to a group of mothers who were watching their children play and ask them, "Excuse me, can you help me?" and I almost start crying. They turn and say, "Sure, what is it? Are you okay?"
I start explaining my day and then...

My alarm goes off.

Wow. That was pretty long.


tearinox said...

Good stuff. Do you ever have lucid dreams from writing them down?

tearinox said...

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