Friday, February 18, 2011

Beginning My Blogger Photos

This is my first time on Blogger. I havn't visited before or posted anything...
So here is my try at my first post.
I take photos. Mostly nature and animal photos. I have been for years now since I received my first camera as a Christmas gift, I must have been about 11. Anyway, to get to the point of posting, I am always in need of some sort of comments/criticisms/point-of-views. I want to become better at photography, and not just that but all areas of art.

These are some i have taken and am fairly proud of.


When I take my photos, I use a basic Digital Camera. Nothing much, but it's what I have to work with and i'm happy.
I also do not edit any of the photos, no color adjustment or enhancements or photoshoping. Besides maybe a little cropping, my photos are completely untouched and that is one of the things i take a little pride in. The reason for my pride is that now days, almost everything online and other wise is manipulated. It has become so easy for a person to go out and buy a photoshop program (or just download one for free) that I feel you can't trust any photograph. Even in the past there was photo manipulation, I know that, but i like the feeling that i take a "clean" picture.
Look at an ad on Tv or a poster for..I don't know, a race coming soon. They, I can bet you, have been edited to be more appealing to the eye or to make a person look thinner or a food look more ripe than it should be. Change a persons eye color. Make that tree smaller, those people closer than they were when the picture was taken. Make this person have darker skin and make you think the company is not racist or whatever they want a customer to believe.
Il stop there.
But id like to know if anyone out there has anything to say about my photos.
Il get better over time and with practice. I'm changing everyday. Help me improve?
Leave a comment.
Thanks for your time.

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