Monday, February 21, 2011


Today's post will be about Flowers.
So many flowers, colors and types.
Heres a few iv'e seen around.

You'l almost always find beautiful flowers down any given street. I can usually tell what flowers I'd like to take a picture of when I spot them. It's a bit harder to find trees that make good photos, angles and things to figure out when you try and situate the camera and position for a photo of a tree. A flower is easier for me to find the angle that looks the best.
Anyway, I wish I could learn to grow plants. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, house plants. I'm not that great I guess, the past few plants iv'e had died because I had no idea what I was doing. Poor innocent plant. I had a Venus fly trap and couldn't figure out if I should remove the cover that came on the looking back I think I should have just used common sense, it's called a fly trap. It needs to eat flies and if it can't eat then how is it going to live? That was years ago...
Well, I think iv'e lost track of what I was trying to say.
I'l go now, I think trees will be tomorrow's topic.

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