Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today, I think I will mention how awesome clouds are.
I believe that they often "make the picture."

I really like clouds. You know when you were a little kid, and you would lay on the grass, looking up at the clouds? Trying to make out shapes and animals in the clouds? I love doing that. But now when I do it, I use my camera. I take the photo home and upload it to my computer and look at it until I can make out something. Then I draw it. The first cloud I drew looked to me like a polar bear with a turtle shell, with fish swimming around. Do you see it? Look back up and see if out of my pictures you can find the polar bear.

Don't you wish that you could do that now days? Just lay out on the lawn, or at a park in the sun and stare at the clouds? Trying to find shapes and things? Well, why don't you do it? Don't have the time? Does it feel childish? Well, get over it, make some time and go enjoy it. I will.

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