Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ode to Kid Icarus

This Is Kid Icarus.
Say hello.

Hes lazy.

Hes a happy laughing LOLcat.

He has a mustache.
Which he wears proudly.

And he loves his XBox360.
Never try and take that control away, or he will claw you to death.

The story as I knew it went like this...
We walked home from after school one day to find a little gray and white cat outside that we had never seen. "Aww, how cute." And we proceed to go inside. The moment we open the door to our apartment, The cat decides that he owns the place and rushes past us and up the stairs.
We weren't mad, just a little surprised. We had been wanting a kitten. We were even talking about how great it would be to have one just that morning. And here comes one from outa no where and marches right in our house. We didn't question it much and took it in good luck.
We were so excited but didn't have any cat things (Litter, box, food) so we improvised.
We found a box that had come with some cup soups and emptied it out to make him a bed. We found an second box and some paper and shredded it like we would for a hamster or whatever to make box shavings. I didn't really think he would use that to go to the bathroom in, but ehh. It was worth a try.
I got some old toy and stuffed platypus I had found that week at school and gave it to him, he attacked it instantly. We were getting him all settee in and it was getting late. We had gone and bought him a few canned cat food and after he ate we realized that the window was open. Kid Icarus climbed out on to the roof where there was big piles of leaves and dirt and things and he chose that as him "potty spot" which was nice for us.
I even made him a name tag out of some string and duck tape and wrote his name on it. It sure was hard though to get it on him, he was a wild crazy cat...

He had only been around for about a week and a half before he disappeared out the window.
I was so sad and worried. Then, the next night I looked out the window and saw him! My boyfriend went downstairs to get him while I waited and watched from the window.

Before he got down and outside a neighbor lady came out and picked him up and started calling him names.
Lady-"Get back inside you piece of crap cat. What are you doing!"
My boyfriend-"Oh, there he is! Thats our cat."
Lady-"No. He is my son's cat. He went missing a few weeks ago and the neighbors said that they had seen him on the roof. So, you had him??"
My boyfriend-"Oh. Well, he wondered in to our apartment about a weeks ago and we didn't know he belonged to anyone."
Lady-"Well hes our cat."
My boyfriend-"Oh. Well, I'm sorry."
And the lady walks back inside and slams the door.

I had been listening the whole time through the window upstairs and was so mad...
My boyfriend comes back up and sits with me. And there goes Kid Icarus...
After that, we would often see him outside and running around, but the lady would always come out, yell at the cat, pick it up and throw him back inside and shut the door.

I miss him.


RQ said...

Sounds like you tried to give him a good home, I really hate it when people insist on keep animals then don't care for them.

Adventure Person said...

Hopefully he's getting treated as well wherever he is now.

Swerto said...

Awwwwww, the pic with the controller is just adoreable.